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Here’s what I want you to know

about lawyer life:

It really and truly doesn’t have to be

such a


In my blogs and podcasts I teach you the basics of my Lawyer Stress Solution system. You learn how to identify lawyer brain and see how it is creating unnecessary stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in your life. You learn how those feelings impair your performance and hold you back in your career.

Learning is the first step.
But applying what you’ve learned is another thing entirely.

Lawyers are great at reading and synthesizing new ideas. No one can beat us at analytic understanding. But analysis only gets you so far.

You may understand intellectually that your lawyer brain is stressing you out. You may see logically how it’s undermining your job performance and your prospects.

But until you learn how to apply what I’m teaching you, you aren’t going to see an emotional difference in your life, or a practical difference in your work.

That’s why I offer free consultation calls.

Here’s what happens during the consultation process:

  • You tell me about what’s stressing you out and interfering with your work.
  • We talk about what will really solve your problem. I offer you perspective you can’t come up with on your own.
  • We decide together if coaching is a “hell yes” investment for you. It has to be unanimous!

Click here to learn more about my signature program. It’s called UnF*ck Your Brain: A feminist blueprint to creating confidence – and it’s going to rock your mind.

When I first started working with Kara, I was suffering from crippling anxiety – I was considering leaving my profession because I thought I wasn’t cut out to be an attorney and I couldn’t handle the stress and pressure. I had difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, panic attacks.

Coaching changed my life. I’m now climbing out of the muddy rut that I’ve been stuck in for the last 10 years of law school and professional work. I am a better attorney and co-worker, and my quality and quantity of work have both improved. It’s a win for everyone.

– Anna B., law firm associate

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