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In addition to individual coaching, I teach workshops, give lectures, and speak to groups of all sizes at law firms, law schools, non-profit organizations, and professional groups.

Law Firms
Every law firm should be concerned about employee retention. Top firms employ some of the best and the brightest minds in the country – but as time goes on, staff attrition can strip your firm of its most important intellectual assets. Most lawyers who leave law firms give workload and office stress as their main reasons for leaving. They don’t believe that these problems can be improved – and the truth is, most people don’t know how to improve them.

But I do. Working at a law firm is always going to involve a lot of work, we all know that. But the tools I teach help people manage their workload and their minds so that they can not only get more done in less time, but equally importantly they can feel calmer and happier about their jobs. And calm and happy employees don’t quit. I offer a variety of services to law firms, from workshops to regular coaching visits. Please email my team at to inquire.


Law Schools
Everyone knows that law school is an extremely stressful time for many law students. But not everyone truly understands why. Sure, the workload and the pressure to excel are part of it. But they aren’t the whole story.

The truth is that law school does a great job of teaching students how to think like lawyers. But most law school do not have coursework or programming that helps students practice consciousness and awareness around when and how to think like a lawyer – and when and how not to do so. My offerings fill this gap.

Without the tools I teach, law students find their lives taken over by “lawyer brain” – and become filled with anxiety and stress as a result. They fill professors’ office hours and Dean of Students’ forums with the same concerns year after year, but not much changes.

But with the tools I teach, law students are empowered to manage their developing lawyer brains. They learn how to use the very skills they are learning in law school to defuse stress and anxiety. They practice skills that help them make their own decisions about their studies and their careers. They become less susceptible to the groupthink pressure law school tends to create and more empowered to forge their own meaningful careers.

I offer law schools a variety of ways to help their students thrive in law school instead of just struggling to survive. From half-day workshops to several-day residencies to remote learning courses, I am always eager to work with your student life leaders to create an offering that best fits your campus’ needs. Email my team at to inquire.


Social Justice Lawyers
As a former social justice litigator myself, I know first hand that the lawyers at NGOs are passionate and dedicated. But they are also often overworked, stressed out, and very susceptible to burnout. Among those who leave social justice lawyering for other work, one of the main causes is the exhaustion caused by years of working long hours trying to advance a cause in the face of disinterest or outright hostility from lawmakers and the public.

After working with many social justice lawyers on an individual level (in addition to my personal experience) it became clear to me that the social justice legal community need specialized programming that speaks directly to the experience of lawyers who feel both inspired by a cause but drained by the professional practice of advancing it. Learning to work towards a positive vision without suffering from constant anger and distress is a skill they don’t teach in law school or on the job, but one that is crucial to maintaining a long-term career in social justice lawyering.

The tools I teach social justice lawyers enable them to manage a world where their values often feel ignored or under attack. With cognitive coaching tools social justice lawyers can learn to manage not only the normal work stress most lawyers experience, but the often dispiriting experience of spending every day trying to combat injustice. Learning to manage their minds allows social justice lawyers to cultivate the positive and empowering feelings that drive their commitment, while minimizing the anger, frustration, and despair that builds up to toxic levels for many social justice lawyers over the years. The result is more energetic and happy social justice warriors, and more continuity and success for the organizations that employ them.

If you’re ready to hear more about how I can help your team of social justice lawyers, please email my team

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