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Drawing on my 15 years of experience in social justice organizations, I offer professional workshop and meeting planning and facilitation services. I am trained in social-justice-based facilitation, and completed the majority of that training at the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC). IISC is an internationally renowned non-profit organization that trains individuals and groups to improve their communication and processes in the pursuit of sustainability and social justice.

I specialize in working with non-profit social justice-oriented organizations, and draw on my extensive background in social justice law and policy work to collaborate with clients in planning and executing productive, creative, and inspiring meetings that blend big-picture thinking with practical results.

A good meeting can harness collective imagination and wisdom to achieve organizational and cross-movement goals.

A bad meeting is a waste of time.

To find out how to make sure your next important meeting is the best one you’ve ever had, drop me a line.

It’s an understatement to say that Kara is a talented, insightful coach. She moves me from stuck to unstuck in what must be a land-speed record. I chalk it up to Kara’s laser-like ability to hone in on what’s really holding me back.

After a session I often think, “why didn’t I see that before” but that’s just the way this process works: you don’t see things until you do, and then you wonder why you didn’t see them all along. Thankfully, working with Kara speeds up this cycle by about a thousand percent.

– Rachel H.

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