Text Message Anxiety - The Dating Stress Solution

Stop staring at your phone.

Learn how to overcome text message anxiety,

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Does your heart jump into your throat every time you hear your text message chime?

Does your stomach twist in knots when you’re waiting to hear from the person you’re dating?

Do you find that you can’t stop thinking about whether and when to text after a date?

You’re not alone. So many women rank text message anxiety as the most stressful part of dating.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to get rid of your dating anxiety.

And you don’t have to stop dating to do it.

Take the first step towards enjoying the process again, by mastering your text anxiety.

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Kara Loewentheil is a Certified Master Coach through The Life Coach School, the premier boutique life coaching school in the country. A graduate of Yale and Harvard, she has lived in New York City for fifteen years and gone on about 100 times that many dates! Now happily partnered, Kara combines deep insight with a no-nonsense attitude in her signature program: The Dating Stress Solution. Her coaching is full of humor and full of love, and she has helped hundreds of women learn how to enjoy dating and find the kind of relationship they want. Kara uses cutting-edge cognitive-based techniques to teach her clients how to overcome insecurity and dating anxiety, figure out what they want out of love and relationships, and implement a plan to get it.

What Clients Say:


This approach has made me so chill that one of the guys I’ve been seeing texted me and said “You don’t mind if I check in, do you? Wouldn’t want to stifle you.” I literally laughed out loud when he texted that. No one has _ever_ mistaken me for chill before, and I owe it all to this technique!

– Sarah 


The text message count on your phone doesn’t have to determine how you feel every day.

Grab this free download and learn how to overcome dating text anxiety once and for all!


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