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The truth is, texting is only one of the challenging parts of dating.
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For something that’s supposed to be fun, dating sure feels like the opposite sometimes.

When it’s going well, you feel on top of the world. You’re joyful, optimistic, and affectionate.
You feel loved, desirable, and worthy.

And then the next minute something changes – someone cancels plans, or doesn’t text you back, and suddenly you’re being sucked into an emotional tornado. You feel afraid, anxious, rejected, unlovable, and unworthy.

You’re tired of the rollercoaster.

Maybe you want to date around, maybe you want to find a serious partner, but one thing is for sure:

You don’t want dating to be stressful and difficult.

But you don’t know how to make it better.



is the answer.


This program is exactly what it sounds like: The one-stop solution for all the anxiety, sadness, stress, insecurity, and fear that dating creates in your life.

Along with a community of like-minded women, you’ll learn how to get clear on what you want, how to find it, and how to enjoy the process along the way.

This program doesn’t just make you feel better about dating. It actually makes you better at it.

Dating without self-doubt, without anxiety, without fear.

Imagine that.



right for you?


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  • Do you frequently consider deleting all your apps and giving up dating because it doesn’t seem worth it?
  • Do you feel like you’re never going to meet someone and have trouble keeping up your optimism about finding love?
  • Are you are stressed out by communications with potential partners and spend a lot of time obsessing over your text messages with them?
  • Do you have a hard time handling rejection in dating and worry frequently that your body or your personality are driving potential partners away?
  • Are you uncomfortable being direct and up front about what you want because you fear coming off as needy, crazy, or desperate?

If you answered yes to any of those questions,

this course is for you.





  • You felt confident going on dates, knowing that you are a great catch in every way – no matter how your date acts.
  • You were fearless in pursuing the partners and relationships that you want.
  • You fully believed that you are beautiful, smart, and inherently worthy of love and a great relationship (or relationships!).
  • You never gave rejection a second thought.





(Dates: June 2 – July 31, 2017)


I’m Kara Loewentheil, a certified cognitive life coach who has coached hundreds of women through first dates, divorces, and everything in-between.



This program is half coaching workshop, half weekly cocktail with your friends – except you have to provide the cocktails, and I give better advice than your friends.

Every Monday for eight weeks we’ll gather together online in a live video call. (Don’t worry, the calls are accessible by phone if you aren’t able to join on video, and every call will also be recorded in case you can’t attend live).

Each week I will teach you a new tool or skill that will help make dating fun, easy, and stress-free. I’ll also give you a worksheet to practice, so that you know exactly how to implement what you’re learning.

Each call will also feature live coaching on your real dating challenges.

In addition to the weekly calls and worksheets, you’ll also get access to a Slack group (group chat program) where you can talk to your fellow group members and get coaching from me between calls. Because we all know dating anxiety happens more than once a week!

Join me on this journey. We’ll definitely laugh a lot, you might cry once in a while, but you’ll always feel safe, supported, and challenged to grow.




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8 one-hour live group video calls, one each week (calls will be recorded in case you can’t attend live).


8 content-packed modules that will teach you how to overcome dating anxiety and enjoy the process:


  • Week 1: Your Relationship Vision. Most people approach dating reactively. They go out with some people, they see what happens. A relationship forms or doesn’t form based on impulses, emotional reactions, and timing. But if you want to find a good relationship – whether it’s casual or lifelong – you have to know what you’re looking for and why. This module walks you through the process of creating a vision for the kind of relationship you want, and teaches you how to separate needs from nice-to-haves.
  • Week 2: How to Ensure Success. Lots of people want sex, intimacy, and love. Lots of people want relationships. Not everyone gets what they want. What’s the difference? It’s not luck. It’s mindset. It’s motivation. It’s commitment. In this week I teach you the difference between wanting something and being committed to making it happen, and how to apply that to your dating life.
  • Week 3: Body Image. Forget sex with the lights on, a lot of us don’t even want to go on first dates in the daylight because we think the dim lighting of a bar is more “flattering.” Body image and confidence is a huge part of dating. If you aren’t comfortable in your body it’s hard to relax on a date, much less in the bedroom. In this section we change your body image where it matters; in your brain.
  • Week 4: Online Dating and the Sorting Game. For better or worse most people actively dating these days meet their partners online. And yet most of us don’t know whether we’re on the right apps, what kind of impression we’re giving off with our profiles, or how to easily navigate the etiquette of online messaging. That’s what we work on in week 4.
  • Week 5: Breakups. A breakup can be one of the most painful experiences in the world. And most of us just accept it “has” to be that way. But the truth is, it doesn’t. Breakups do involve sadness and loss. But they don’t have involve the intense suffering that most of us take for granted. In this week we talk about what makes breakups so painful and how to get over them faster. We also talk about being the person who does the breaking up – knowing how and when and why to pull the plug.
  • Week 6: How to Never Feel Needy Again. Neediness is the hobgoblin of modern dating. Men rail against it. Women fear being it. But what is it, actually? What do we mean when we say we “feel needy”? What is neediness as an emotion? What causes it? And how can you reduce it? These are the questions we’ll answer in this week’s work.
  • Week 7: Navigating Different Communication Preferences. One of the biggest issues couples navigate in dating is different communication styles. Whether it’s texting speed, love languages, or conflict resolution abilities, understanding how your partner communicates and how to communicative effectively with that style is crucial. This week we’ll flesh out our own communication preferences and styles and figure out how to interact with partners who have different ones.
  • Week 8: How to Avoid Settling. It’s many women’s greatest fear. What if I accidentally SETTLE. But surprisingly few people actually know what that means. There’s no objective scale for comparison so how do you know if you’re settling – and if you are, why you’re doing it? That’s what we’ll learn this last week, so that you leave the course knowing not only what you’re looking for, but what to avoid.


8 workbooks that help you implement what you’ve learned so it becomes second nature.


weeks of direct access to me and the rest of the group in a special discussion forum so that you can share victories, ask for help, and learn from each other and me between calls.



Listen, here’s the truth. You can spend $$$ going on another 1 or 2 or 3 dates that cause anxiety, lead nowhere, and leave you feeling defeated and sad. 


Or you can invest that $$$ in your own future and in becoming the kind of confident, sexy, and bad-ass woman who creates the dating life she wants. 


Which one seems more worthwhile to you?






Kara is nothing short of a miracle worker. I came to her at the beginning of my dating journey, just coming out of a 12 year marriage. Needless to say, I was a mess, my brain thinking all sorts of crazy-ass thoughts that were creating so much pain. With compassion, humor and a lot of straight talk, Kara helped me sort through everything, calm down, and begin to approach dating in a whole new way. What once felt overwhelming, scary and frustrating now feels fun and exciting and 200% better than before!



I LOVE THIS COURSE. It’s been so insanely helpful. I’ve recommended it to all my friends who are dating. Honestly, this is like the real life version of having an earpiece during a date…totally confidence-boosting and brain-melting at the same time. This course has made me so chill that one of the guys I’ve been seeing texted me and said “You don’t mind if I check in, do you? Wouldn’t want to stifle you.” I literally laughed out loud when he texted that. No one has _ever_ mistaken me for chill before, and I owe it all to this course!



I loved this course and found it incredibly helpful. Even though I felt like I had a grip on my “lizard brain” I still felt anxiety about dating, and had fallen into bad thought-patterns. I didn’t have clarity in my goals, so I was still finding myself feeling at a loss of control about my dating life. The result was that I was willing to settle for a type of relationship that didn’t feel good, because if I wasn’t ready to say what I wanted I thought maybe someone else could just tell me what I wanted. I was ready to leave that approach behind forever, and this course pushed me to do that. This course was revelatory for me. The worst part of dating is feeling like you have no control over how to feel good about it, and the second worst part is feeling like it’s work. This course solved both those problems for me.