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Hello there! My name is Kara Loewentheil (as you’ve probably figured out by now), and I’m a former lawyer and academic turned Master Coach, trained facilitator, author, speaker, and all-around expert on lawyer life and work satisfaction. I teach individuals, small groups, and large crowds how to deal with office stress, anxiety, and work-load in order to feel calm, improve confidence, and boost efficiency. Most importantly, I teach people who are not enjoying their jobs how to be happy at work again.

A little about me: I’m a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale College and an honors graduate of Harvard Law School. I’ve practiced law, I’ve held academic and policy fellowships at Yale and Columbia. I’ve been certified in coaching and currently hold a Master Coach certification by The Life Coach School (the best boutique coaching school in the country) and trained in facilitation by the Institute for Social Interaction (a world-renowned facilitation and leadership organization).

So as you can see, I’ve got a long list of credentials. But I know what it’s like to be accomplished and successful and still struggle with insecurity, anxiety, and stress in my work life. I’ve done it all, as my resume attests! Each time I transitioned I hoped that the next job, the next fellowship, the next brass ring would finally be the right fit.

I spent ten years in law in one position or another – and I spent ten years anxious, uncertain, insecure, and stressed out. Sometimes I thought I was the problem – I just needed to be smarter, harder-working, more talented. Other times I thought everyone else was the problem – my bosses were crazy, my colleagues were incompetent. I changed jobs every few years, but everywhere I went, the feelings stayed with me. I knew something wasn’t right – but I didn’t know that the problem was that the way I had been taught to “think like a lawyer” was actually working against me. I was right that I was the problem, in a sense – but it wasn’t that I wasn’t smart enough or didn’t work hard enough. It was just that I didn’t know how to recognize and overcome the difficulties that my “lawyer brain” was causing for me.

And then one day, during a particularly dismal afternoon in the office, I found myself mentally repeating my usual litany of stressful thoughts: I wasn’t smart enough, the legal director hated me and she was crazy anyway, I was never going to succeed, I was going to get fired, etc. I felt the usual mix of anxiety and despondency. But suddenly I thought:

Wait a minute. If I was writing a brief, and I wanted to argue against myself, what would I say? Could I find some evidence to counter these beliefs?

All of a sudden my mind opened up. I saw that it was my interpretation of the events and people around me that was causing my misery. My lawyer brain was constantly looking for evidence of what was going wrong – but that also meant that I could learn to redirect it to practice a new way of thinking on purpose.

That’s just the short version, of course. Now I teach the details of how to practice this life-changing way of thinking to others.

I work primarily with law students and lawyers, teaching them how to tame and turn-around lawyer brain to feel calm, confident, and even happy in their jobs. And while I have worked with many male clients, I find special satisfaction in teaching these tools to women, who tend to drop out of the legal workforce at a higher rate than men, and are more likely to struggle with low self-confidence, imposter syndrome, and anxiety at work.

My clients come to me because they are interested in learning how to develop more confidence and resilience, how to be less reactive, and how to better navigate the demands of their professional lives.

As for me, I do this work because awareness is truly the only magic that exists – and because teaching my clients how to feel sane, calm, and empowered no matter what other people say or do is the most amazing gift I can give them, or myself. I was a social justice lawyer working on women’s rights for many years, but for me this is the true revolution.

If you’re ready to learn how to feel better, click here to schedule an absolutely free consultation call. We’ll talk about what it would take for you to feel better about your work life (or personal life), and how I can help you get there.

(And if want to read more, you can click here to read more about why life coaching is one of the best investments you could ever make in your professional development and satisfaction – or in your personal happiness for that matter!)


Kara is a smart, funny, no-nonsense coach. She keeps her clients focused on the issue when they go off the tracks, and she isn’t afraid to speak the truth when her clients need to hear it. She’s able to keep things simultaneously serious and light, and she really excels in helping you recognize that the so-called facts in your life are in fact stories that aren’t serving you.

I believe a phrase I often used in sessions was “This is blowing my mind!”

– Ashley G.

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