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I work with smart women lawyers all over the world who feel stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed.

I teach my clients how to manage office stress so they can feel calm and confident at work and everywhere else.

Let me tell you how.


I have been fortunate — I have a good life, good family, good friends and a successful career. Nevertheless, there were two major issues that were holding me back far more than I was willing to admit.

As a direct result of my sessions with Kara, I no longer struggle with those problems. Kara does not tell you what to think. Rather, she brilliantly led a conversation that prompted me to discover/uncover a perspective shift that has changed my life.

It is amazing how everything is falling into place now that I am free from those concerns. It is the kind of shift that will stay with me for a lifetime and I think I’ve only begun to see how important it will be.

If you’re even remotely thinking that you could benefit from this, please do it and do it with Kara.

– Jenny B

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